Agreement Registered On Title

It is not mandatory to apply for pro forma registration of the title, but it makes it easier to deal with issues related to the transfer of ownership. You should apply for pro forma registration of the property in at least the following cases: A property owner may also grant non-exclusive rights to third parties for the use of the property, for example.B. access rights through the land. These rights are generally referred to as service services and are binding on the rights holders of the person who granted the original right, provided they are properly drafted and recorded in the title document. (It is also possible to acquire these rights through the prescription principle if they have been used for a few years without objection.) You can request the registration of the title via the NLS e-Service if the. B Public Purchase Witness certified the purchase, gift or exchange. You can apply for property ownership registration through the NSL`s electronic service as soon as transportation information can be accessed in the Securities and Mortgage Register. This may take a week after signing. You can request the registration of the property for other transfers of ownership and, for example. B, a distribution of the estate by completing a written application. (j) a restrictive condition, a right of withdrawal or an obligation imposed on the country by the forestry law and approved on the title. “Property rights” give the owner full authority, including the following rights – the ownership, use and transfer of the property. The most common is receipts for the payment of the purchase price.

They are not required to use original copies of contracts signed by a public purchase witness as an appendix to the title application. Other contracts must be mailed as original copies. A real right is an exclusive interest or utility that a person enjoys in a thing. This is an absolute right and allows the holder to impose it against others. Real rights are identifiable, not personality rights. Real rights include long leases and easements. (a) where that person`s claim is subsequently established by a judgment or order or admitted by a properly executed and fabricated document, the reserve holder or applicant is entitled to claim priority for the application for registration of the title or tax thus claimed for a title, tax or right whose application for registration , deposit or filing is filed after the date of filing the reserve or registration of the pending litigation certificate. , and ownership of real estate and useful interests that constitute real estate can be acquired.

Property, includes, without restriction, the ownership of strata titles (not an entire building). In addition to exclusive ownership, a condominium is possible. For a fixed period of each year, there is no real estate. As a result, part-time user fees are often not structured by property, but by the “right to use” real estate. Anyone who enters the world of real estate buying must enrich his vocabulary before approaching this unexplored territory to keep the trial boiling. While you`re at it, it`s important to understand the difference between the sale and the title, the things that prove your property. Even if you assume that the two things are the same, that is not the case.

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