Baruch Articulation Agreement

Top 25 OUT Transfer Schools, Ranked by Number of Agreements with Target Schools These are four-year schools in the Empire State that accept articulation agreements. Explore all the schools you plan to confirm which community colleges they work with. (What is an articulation agreement? In principle, it allows students to transfer recognized university-level credits to their four-year degree. Not too shabby!) If you transfer from another CUNY college, you can send an email to the so that the Transfer Center can collect your graduation grades via CUNYfirst. Explore transfer agreements by source or destination. Choose and follow you to save lessons, fees and time until you graduate. Cuny Baruch College – B.A. in Communication Studies If you are considering moving from a non-CUNY college, you can contact a transfer license consultant for a quick overview of how the credits would be transferred. . This applies whether you want to apply for a transfer credit and/or change your curriculum. The Zicklin School of Business no longer offers the opportunity to acquire a BBA in accounting to a student who has already obtained a bachelor`s degree, regardless of the discipline. BMCC has active articulation agreements for arts graduates associated with communication studies with the following universities: Transfer courses may be “refused” for several reasons: you are considered a transfer student if you have already attended a university, university and/or owner school since the end of high school or high school.

Second degree students must receive at least 31 credits to Baruch for a degree. The Transfer Center offers transfer applicants and students the highest service to facilitate their transition to Baruch College. . You need to be registered or logged into your CollegeXpress account to view other lists. . Would you like to know more about how this list was drawn up? Find out more here. From a four-year institution or a combination of a two- and four-year regionally accredited institution, there is no limit to the total amount of credits that can be applied to a degree. 151 E. 25th St. 7th floor, Rm.

725 New York, NY 10010 (646) 312-1800 If the end-of-semester teaching activity is not included in your Transfer Credit Report Report, you must send a final official transcript of your college to the Transfer Centre. Transfer courses that have not yet been evaluated by a university department at Baruch College are listed in your transfer report as ELEC 1111. These courses require evaluation by the appropriate university department to determine an appropriate course equivalent to Baruch College. Students must submit a program to the transfer centre for the course to be evaluated. . From another college, all successful grades (A to D, including CR, P and S) are transferable. All grades A to C are transferable by non-CUNY national institutions. The CR, P and S grades are only transferable if these grades correspond to a C or a superior of that particular institution.

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