Hunting Rights Agreement

Looking for an impartial and fully customizable hunting lease for your group or hunting club? Typical clause: It goes without saying that all rights and privileges described here are limited to the well-described and the provisions described above, as well as to the (s) owner and signed taker. Please indicate in writing whether clients or family members can enter the accommodation to hunt, fish, camp or do other activities. The AHLA hunting lease is a fully customizable model, allowing you to take these particular circumstances into account for your individual situation. The above argument also applies to threatened species. It is forbidden to target endangered species in many places. Only a special authorization can save you the negative consequences that normally result. This special authorization is usually available when entering into a hunting lease. Typical clause: It goes without saying that the tenant or tenants accept the country in a state “as we see it” and, furthermore, the tenant or tenants understand that hunting is a dangerous activity and that there may be hidden dangers such as holes, fence wire, snakes, wells, marshes, ponds, pests , carefree in the countryside, other hunters or other risks that could cause injury or death. The tenant (s) undertakes to compensate the lessor for any right to damage, liability or other expenses resulting from the lessor`s occupation and activity. Note: A clause like this is not a guarantee that the owner cannot be sued, but it generally increases the chances of winning a lawsuit or not being held liable. The best protection against claims is the appropriate insurance of a serious company with experience in protecting hunting liability.

Although the clause states that hunting is a “dangerous activity,” hunting is statistically safer than many other recreational activities. In addition, the landlord is required to warn and identify or eliminate the tenant or tenants from known hazards. Our hunting lease has been tested over time for over 15 years and sets the standard for private hunting leases and hunting clubs across the country.

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