Sag Television Agreement

SAG-AFTRA TELEVISION agreements are based on content type, media and, in some cases, budget. For example, programs that go directly to a streaming service (such as Netflix) and have a budget of less than one million can be covered by the new media agreement, but for all programs on that budget – even if they go directly to streaming – the SAG-AFTRA TV contract applies. SAG-AFTRA divides TV contracts into four categories: The Moderate Low Budget Project Agreement (MPA) includes non-episodic content productions that have been shot between US$300,000 and US$700,000 for the total value of the United States. The agreement must be executed by performers at least one week before any work. The MPA applies to films that are originally published in one of the following publications, but it is not necessary to publish them for the first time on any of the following points: for television work, the remnants begin as soon as a program is redeployed or published on video/DVD, pay television, broadcast television, basic cable or new media. The residues are based on a gross revenue formula for all effects of free TV series. Background officers are not permitted to receive remnants for work performed under the SAG-AFTRA Basic And Television Agreements, unless the background Actor is re-enhanced to the interpreter category. If he/she is still talking about five lines or less, the remaining program fees are five lines or less of a program fee. If the substantive actor is revalued elsewhere in the interpreter category, the residual program fee is the main program tax. In addition to including the benefits of live action agreements, the new animation agreement also implies a significant breakthrough in the requirement for pay-as-you-go for animated programs for new media. Now, animated programs for subscription streaming services that are not considered a “high budget” – because they do not reach the minimum required 20 minutes or do not reach the new budget threshold of $500,000 — must still pay a balance if they last at least 11 minutes and have a budget of at least $25,000 per minute.

This means that 11-minute animated programs for subscription streaming services – a standard length for some shows – must pay a scale at a budget level of only $275,000. The new deal also involves an animation gain for payments for interstial bits – animated programs lasting less than two minutes – and increases the required cycle payments from 5.4% to 20% in exchange for the inclusion of new media as an approved exposure platform.

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