Department Of Home Affairs Labour Agreement

Founded in 1972, IACI offers elderly care services, retirement care, home care and day care for adults aged 65 and over, financially disadvantaged people, migrants and asylum seekers. The organization currently cares for some 230 inhabitants, 85% of whom are Italians. Many locals prefer to communicate in Italian, as they emigrated to Australia at a later stage of their lives and now live only in the Italian community of Perth since their migration. It is therefore advantageous to have PCAs capable of communicating in Italian in order to allow them to benefit from a higher level of supply. IACI was present with the Deputy Minister of Immigration and the Italian Ambassador to Australia, but this did not result in a solution. Hammond Taylor was contacted because one of the IACI employees had been helped by us in their permanent stay. We recommended the working agreement because the Minister of Immigration recently announced a way for senior care providers to access the Class 482 visa – Temporary Shortage of Skilled Labour (482 TSS) for BCPs. We discussed the employment contract and the benefits it would bring to the organization, and we started preparing the application. Although IACI is in Perth and Hammond Taylor in Melbourne, we were able to prepare the application by phone and email. Hammond Taylor was also able to visit iACI during the preparation to understand the problem first-hand. Prior to hiring Hammond Taylor, IACI held primarily positions for Italian-speaking BCPs with a combination of Australian residents, working holidays and student visa holders. However, working holiday visa holders could only work 6 months for a single employer and student visa holders are limited to 20 hours of work per week.

This has posed challenges for management in terms of recruitment, training and retention of staff. IACI recognized that it was preferable for residents to keep staff on a long-term basis for consistent and high service so that staff could become familiar with the operations of IACI and the residents who supervised them. Our Client Italian Aged Care Incorporated (IACI), based in Perth, was looking for a strategy to recruit PCAs with Italian language skills to care for their Italian-speaking residents….

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