Dutch Referendum On The Eu-Ukraine Association Agreement

Brian Monteith, spokesman for the Leave.EU campaign group, said: “This humiliating rejection of the Ukraine deal shows that citizens do not need to support the EU and its expansionist agenda to feel European.” Fifty Dutch senators voted for the #Ukraine AA and 25 against. Ratification will take place at July`s EU-Ukraine summit The vote will take place less than three months before British citizens decide through their own referendum whether they want to leave the EU. The Dutch government is committed to the agreement. Rutte said it was good for the European Union and the Netherlands and that it was not a first step towards Ukraine`s accession to the EU: “We are a trading nation. We are living after free trade agreements and Ukraine is another example […] People who are inclined to vote no think this is a first step towards EU membership. It has nothing to do with membership. [42] Almost two-thirds of those who took part in the referendum on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement in the Netherlands voted against. It is important to remember that this agreement follows an illegal coup d`état supported and financed by the EU, which led to the establishment of a fascist government whose actions reveal an anti-democratic and anti-social core. Dutch Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk agreed that the cabinet should consider the result, but added that the government may have to reconsider the 2015 referendum law that triggered Wednesday`s vote. The minimum threshold could be based on the number of voters and not on the percentage, he suggested.

But if there is no much more fundamental political change elsewhere in the EU, the outcome of the Dutch referendum will have little influence on Ukraine. The decision to hold a referendum was made after receiving more than 427,000 valid applications in six weeks, more than the required number of 300,000 applications. The referendum was suspensive and non-binding, and after the rejection, the government “zo spoedig mogelijk” (in German: as soon as possible/as soon as possible) had to propose a new law to obtain parliament`s approval for the withdrawal of the authorization law or for its entry into force. . . .

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