Hotel Service Agreement Sample

2. If customers cancel all or part of the accommodation contracts for reasons attributable to the customers (unless the hotel requires the payment of accommodation fees which sets a payment date in accordance with Article 3(2) and customers cancel accommodation contracts before such payment), the customer shall be responsible for the payment of a cancellation fee in accordance with Table 2. However, in the event of a special agreement in accordance with Article 4(1), the customer is responsible for the payment of these cancellation fees. However, only if the hotel informs guests of their obligation to pay the cancellation fee when concluding a special agreement. 1. This document (“Terms and Conditions of Sale”) describes the terms of accommodation contracts and related agreements (together “accommodation contracts” between Prince Hotels, Inc. (“Hotel”) and its customers (“customers”). All items not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions of Sale are determined according to the laws of Japan or the general rules. 1. By way of derogation from Article 3(2), after the conclusion of accommodation contracts, the hotel may, in certain cases, propose a special agreement in which payment of application fees is not necessary. 2.

If, when accepting the application for an accommodation contract, the hotel has not required payment of the application fee referred to in Article 3(2) or has not specified the expiry date, the accommodation contracts shall be treated as a special agreement referred to in paragraph 1. 2. If the hotel terminates the accommodation contracts described in paragraph 1 above, the hotel shall not charge the customer for accommodation services not yet provided. 2. Notwithstanding this, in cases where the hotel accepts a particular agreement, to the extent that such particular agreement does not violate the laws of Japan or universally recognized laws, such special agreement prevails over these Terms and Conditions of Sale. If the hotel deems it necessary, the hotel may modify these terms and conditions. If the hotel decides to make this change, the hotel will announce this change, the amended terms and conditions and the effective date on the Prince Hotels, Inc. homepage, until the effective date of this change. . .


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