Villa Agreement

This contract terminates without further notice at the end of the lease. If the tenant does not comply with the rental policy and the general conditions of sale contained therein, the lessor has the right to unilaterally terminate this contract. 5. PREPARATION FOR YOUR HOLIDAY: If the full amount to be paid has been received by Villa Jan Thiel no later than 8 weeks before arrival, the reservation will be processed. 9. SMOKING: It is absolutely forbidden to smoke inside in all circumstances. We ask the guest to respect this rule of life. Of course, smoking outside is not a problem. The start date of the rental is …………. and ends on …………………. , total …. Days.

For all our accommodations, check-in is at 15:00 and check-out at 11:00. . The total rental value of the total rent of….. The days are….. .. . The sum of ………….. Payable to the OWNER OF THE HOUSE: The owner is the natural or legal person who owns the holiday accommodation. The property can be of a maximum.. People. The occupants must be listed in Schedule 1.

People who are not on the list cannot stay in the accommodation. GAST: A natural person who orders Villa Jan Thiel to mediate between the tenant and the owner when concluding a rental contract for a holiday accommodation. The property is cleaned before check-in and after check-out and also every 7 days with stays of more than 12 days, your pool and garden are maintained, internet connection and daily electricity of 40kW are also included. Electricity consumption above the fair use quota is calculated in addition to 0.40TL per 1kW. 1. …………………………………….. (Now called LESSOR) 7. CANCELLATION BY VILLA JAN THIEL: Villa Jan Thiel has the right to terminate the lease due to unforeseen circumstances. Unforeseen circumstances are such that Villa Jan Thiel cannot reasonably be bound by the contract.

These include fires, natural disasters, sale of the house, etc. In this case, Villa Jan Thiel will do everything in its power to find alternative accommodation at least as good as the original accommodation. If the cause of these circumstances can be attributed to the customer or his travel companions, the resulting damage is invoiced to the customer. 14. LIABILITY RENTAL: Customers and travel companions behave as they should for a good tenant. 2. INVOICE: once the invoice has been received by the customer, he must pay a 25% of the total invoice price. This must be received by Villa Jan Thiel within 7 days, after which Villa Jan Thiel immediately sends an acknowledgment of receipt to the customer by e-mail. The balance of the invoice (75% of the total price) must be paid no later than 8 weeks before arrival. The final payment date is indicated on the invoice.

6. CANCELLATION: If a contract is cancelled, the following cancellation fees are charged to the customer: …/…/.. .

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